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Partable Screen Frames

The LDM portable screen frames has been launched on the market for more than 8 years, receiving recognition and praise among the customers. Through the continuous improvement, folding endurance of the product is better than before. And it is lighter stronger, and seamless. The LDM portable screen frames are produced by aluminum alloy which surfaces are treated with black electrostatic spraying. It requires no tools to installation. So it installs quickly and is easy to carry. The characteristic of portable screen frame is flame retardant, foldable, no deform in wet condition, can be washed and so on. It is suitable for mobile projection outdoor and indoor.

MJ-3M Screen Frames System

MJ-3M Screen Frames System

The screen frames are composed of frame stands, footings, transverse fixation devices, screen fixed rods, and back wall supporting rods. The key components are made of high quality steel tubes with a fixed length of 3 meters, which enable to assembly any size of screen frames at the site. Also, independent speaker racks, top maintenance trail, ladders, tools for maintenance safety can be added.

Alloy Frames for Projection Screen

Star Screen own R&D and manufactured Alloy Frames for Projection Screen are widely used in schools and colleges, science institutes, office auditoriums, and even in control demand centers.

Using selective materials, the Alloy Frames are light weight, strong and appealing. All parts are made in the Star Screen factories and able to assembly at the site. The screens supporting the Alloy Frames can be chosen from Star Screen's HQ Diffuse Reflective Screen, White (Digital) Screen, or Silver Screen. See Screen section for more details.



Star Screen's Baffle or Semi-baffle works with Star Screen's MJ-3M Screen Frames. Covered with premium sound-absorbing material over the double layered gypsum board, Star Screen's baffle weights 25 kg per Sq meter. Not only strong but also light and swift in installation at the site.

Electric Roller Screen Series

The Roller Screen is consist of a roller, a transmission, bearing brackets and fixation brackets and so forth. Developed by Star Screen, DJM-320, 400 and 500 roller screens are used for multi- functional theaters, conference halls, and auditoriums, especially for small space with low headroom, such as stage grid roof, where it is impossible to lift screen frames, but the show must go on. The maximum size of the screen is 18mx7.66m.

The series are featured by delicate craftsmanship and compact structure, which guarantee balanced, reliable and smooth operations. The screen surface is flat with high quality images. The roller adopts thin-walled cylindrical shell structure, which is light weight, high rigidity and low deflection.

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